Matt Mathis

Work phone: 412.268.3319
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Point of view: The glass is neither half full nor half empty, it is the wrong size.

For very quick conversations, MathisTCP (on AIM), mathis_15206 (YIM) or (jabber) might be best, but please introduce yourself.

As of April 19th, 2010, I will be working at Google. Please update you address books: Matt dot Mathis at gmail.

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Other Interests

My family is more than slightly complicated. My daughter Emma has made us all very proud

I was President of the East Suburban Unitarian Universalist Church (ESUUC), in Murrysville PA (a suburb of Pittsburgh, adjacent to Monroeville and Plum). Susan and I are trained OWL educators at ESUUC.

I am the treasurer of CDN/CDSS which runs weekly contra dances in Pittsburgh.

Evil is defined by mortals who think they know "The Truth" and use force to apply it to others.

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