My Families

I'm straight, but not narrow.

My family life is pretty complicated: I actually prefer it that way.

I have a regulation Brady bunch: three kids of my own (David, Emma and Joel) with Susan Blackman and three kids (Ben, Alex and Rayna) that I mostly live with, along with their extra special mom, Susan Goodis.

Although we are separated, Susan B and I co-parent our kids in the house on Stanton Ave. This mostly means that I spend a couple of evenings a week being a dad while Susan B does other things: evening meetings for non-profit organizations or sometimes goes out on a date. Also I still get stuck with the really icky jobs like unplugging drains and such. Years ago Susan made a "home page" for us.

Susan Goodis sells drugs for a living, as a Pharmacist at CVS. She works mixed 12 and 6 hour shifts on mostly alternating days, so she also maintains a creative co-parenting arrangement with her ex, Howard Faigen.

On the weekends that Susan G. isn't working we normally try to do something with all 6 kids. Given that they span from 10 to 17 years old, this can be quite an adventure.

My Brady Bunch

Several of the kids have their own web pages:

Ben is into vampires and poetry.

Emma has become quite an activist.

David made some pages years ago for a class project.

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